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An Exceptional Lawyer & Highly Recommended

While enduring the loss of my mother and complicated turmoil from estranged family, Nora was the only person to bring me peace of mind during a very hard time in my life. Nora and I conversed multiple times over the course of a month, to which she was completely selfless with her time, empathetic to my situation and knowledgeable of all aspects surrounding my case. Her guidance was straightforward and compassionate, her responses were timely and delivered with patience and grace. Throughout her counsel, I felt supported and confident that she always had my best interest at heart. She is above reproach. I highly recommend her and her staff, and I am grateful for all that they have done.

This review is from a client who consulted with this attorney.

Recommendation and Appreciation Words

I would like to especially thank Chelsea for handling the deposition so brilliantly.  This has been a very long two years for me but I finally feel vindicated and hopeful.  I’m very confident moving on that this will be resolved in my favor very soon. Thank you again.

This review is from client who hired this attorney.

Very intuitive and knowledgeable

I had a consultation with Nora Jones, who asked clear, concise questions about an elder law situation I am experiencing within my family. It was apparent that she clearly understood the situation and the dynamics of the parties involved by the options and advice she provided. She was intuitive enough to advise that taking the court route may not be the best route in my particular situation and then provided alternative routes. I found Nora to be very knowledgeable and empathetic.

A Job Well Done!

I want to say THANK YOU again.  Chelsea.  You did an amazing job today.  Nora.  You were equally impressive with the position you took.  Chelsea.  All I can say is WOW.  You handled the questions and situations as professionally as I have ever seen. Thank you both for your hard work and your understanding of this case.  I felt very comfortable and well represented today.



This review is from a client who hired with this attorney.

Estate/Will Issues

Nora and her staff are the best. She successfully took my case to a positive conclusion. She was responsive to all my questions, thoroughly explained the legal process and prepared me for any anticipated action. This case was complicated in the fact that a sibling had said (via their attorney), I was not to receive any inheritance funds. Nora was able to successfully dispute this and bring to a settlement agreement (where I did receive inheritance funds). Both my husband and I were impressed by how professional Nora is and her acute understanding of all the legal issues. We would highly recommend her.

This review is from a client who hired this attorney.

Excellent, Professional, Personable

Chelsea is knowledgeable, efficient and gets the job done! She treats you like a human being and doesn't talk over your head gives you viable solutions (options). We are a not for profit and had a land boundary issue, and she was able to have taken care of with the minimum of disputes. Thank you!!!

This review is from a client who hired this attorney.

Excellent, Professional, Personable

I retained Nora Jones for a guardianship and conservatorship case in relation to an elderly parent. Nora is both highly professional and personable, and guided me through a challenging situation with grace, wisdom, and patience. She's an exemplary lawyer who seamlessly navigated a difficult situation as straightforwardly as possible. Nora took the time to explain the nuances of various approaches and to demystify the court process, as I decided on a path forward. (We went to court twice, and sought an expert medical opinion in addition to various witnesses.) She asked pertinent questions and supported my decisions. I always felt that she had the interests of me and my family at heart, and provided excellent counsel. I felt supported and confident with her as my attorney. In short, I trust her.

This review is from client who hired this attorney.

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