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Financial Exploitation

Arizona's Financial Exploitation statute was enacted to protect our most vulnerable from financial abuse. Under this law, financial exploitation occurs when someone in a position of trust and confidence to a vulnerable adult uses their assets for other than the vulnerable adult's benefit. The consequences the exploiter may face for committing financial exploitation are dire; namely, treble damages (three times the actual damage), attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in prosecuting the action, and forfeiture of any benefits to which the exploiter would otherwise be entitled by virtue of the vulnerable adult's death.

Many times the vulnerable adult is deceased or incapacitated by the time the exploitation is uncovered. In these instances, a qualified probate litigation attorney can help you bring a civil financial exploitation claim on behalf of your loved one who has been exploited. An exploited vulnerable adult, with capacity, may also bring the claim to recover damages on their own behalf.

Nora L. Jones and her team regularly prosecute financial exploitation claims to bring justice to vulnerable adults. A consultation is the first step to determine how you may wish to proceed and if there are related causes of action available for potential recovery. To learn more, contact us at (602) 255-6014.


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